Working Village

The first of our two Farmyard galleries tells the story of working life in rural Somerset. It looks at rural trades, the work carried out in the home and the differing lives of rich and poor.

Working Village Gallery

Working the Land

The second of the Farmyard galleries explores the history of food production and farming in the county. Discover how Somersetโ€™s varied landscapes have been home to everything from dairy farming to cider making and for willow growing to stock rearing.


The Farmhouse Kitchen

Step back to 1948 in the Farmhouse Kitchen. Listen to the Mapstone family getting on with their daily lives while the table is laid for dinner. The Victorian range forms a focal point in the kitchen. Youโ€™ll often see smoke rising from the kitchen chimney.



Somerset loves to celebrate. From the Friendly Society feast days, to the harvest home and wassail, we know how to have a good time!


For generations of Somerset people religious belief defined the world from cradle to grave. This gallery examines traditional religion, folklore and new age beliefs.


Using extracts from the Somerset Voices project archive visitors can sit and listen to the people of Somerset reminisce about their life in the county.