The South West Heritage Trust has launched a new service to support vulnerable groups during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Heritage Memory Box loan service makes reminiscence resources available to care homes and other shielding groups. Each box contains objects and activities designed to stimulate recall and encourage communication. There are three themed Memory Boxes: ‘A Sweet Tooth’, ‘Toys and Games’, and the ‘Second World War’.

“Reminiscence sessions have become a valuable activity within the care sector to support wellbeing amongst participants. Our unique mix of real and replica objects provides groups with plenty of stimulus for an engaging activity and a chance to travel down memory lane.

“Although our usual sessions have had to cease, we were keen to find a way of providing reminiscence activities during this period of shielding for our most vulnerable,” Learning Officer John French

Box 1. A Sweet Tooth 

Most people remember the treats of their childhood. Travel back down memory lane to when a handful of coins bought Bulls Eyes, Black Jacks and Sherbet Lemons. Smell some ingredients and taste some classic sweets. Let your imagination take a stroll to the corner shop and a visit to the school dentist! 

Box 2. Toys and Games 

From marbles to skipping ropes, everyone played games in their younger years. Explore a wide range of hands-on games designed to get people sharing their own memories. Play an audio game, matching the sound to the toy or game. Listen and touch re-living the actions of childhood play in this practical session. 

Box 3. Second World War

Look at life on the home front during the war, using a range of familiar objects and documents. Take a journey back to times of rationing, blackouts and evacuees. See films of local residents and the West Country. Smell wartime fragrances. This experience provides a vivid snapshot of wartime Britain.

Free gift!  

Each memory box includes a bonus, ‘Somerset and the Second World War’ interactive DVD.  You can guess the object, listen to real oral archive recordings from other Somerset residents and take part in the evacuee journey from the city to the country. Learn, listen, see and talk about rationing, evacuees, the Home Guard and much more. 

The free DVD can be kept after the memory box is returned. It is also available as a free standalone reminiscence item.


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