Look out for these ‘must see’ exhibits within the Museum’s nine themed galleries.

The Banwell Bear

In the Foundation Stones Gallery

See the skull of the Banwell Bear, an 80,000-year-old Ice Age hunter-killer found in the Mendip bone caves.

The Low Ham Mosaic

In the Claiming the Land Gallery in the Great Hall

Low Ham Mosaic

The Low Ham Roman mosaic depicts the tragic love story of Dido and Aeneas. Made during the 4th century AD, the mosaic is the oldest object in Britain that tells a complete story.

You can explore the story of its discovery with this BBC interactive timeline


In the Making Somerset Gallery

Look out for the largest collection of English 17th century cauldrons and skillets in existence….they’re hanging from the ceiling!

The Great Bustard

In the Discovering Gallery

The Discovering Gallery is home to the world’s heaviest flying bird. The last Great Bustard was seen over the Somerset Levels in the 1870s. It was long extinct in Britain but has recently been reintroduced.

The Giant’s Shoes

In the Gathering Gallery

The Giant’s Shoes were worn by Joseph Sewell (1805-1829) who was seven feet four inches (2.2 metres) tall and weighed 37 stone (235 kilograms.)

Boneshaker Bicycle

In the Going Places Gallery

The Boneshaker Bicycle was made in 1866 for Mr Frampton May of Bridgwater. It enabled him to travel four times faster than on foot.

Monmouth’s Buckle

In the Rebellion Gallery

Monmouth reputedly gave his shoe buckle to a child when he stopped to change horses during his escape from Sedgemoor in 1685.