A project is underway to save the surviving Bristol Trust Turnpike Mileposts along the A38, from East Brent to Churchill Rocks.  The Grade II listed cast iron mileposts, made in 1837, will be temporarily removed, repaired and then reinstated.

Unearthing the mileposts has exposed their full size, shape and revealed some of their secrets. Foundry marks on previously concealed plinths reveal the posts were cast by the Bristol Iron foundry of John Winwood & Co in Cheese Lane, St. Philips, Bristol.

Behind the cast iron mileposts we found rounded stones. These appear to be earlier milestones along the route. We have only been able to decipher the Roman numerals “XX” and the word “BRISTOL”.  The stone milestone also bears a surveyor’s bench mark on its side.

Repairs to the milestones will take place over the winter to be re-installed next spring.

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The locations of the mileposts are mapped on the Historic Environment Record:

Rooks Bridge Milepost –  At the side of the A38, east end of Rooksbridge

East Brent Milepost – On the A38 at East Brent near the junction with the Old Bristol Road

Badgworth Milepost – On the A38 in Biddisham

Weare – On the A38 in Lower Weare near the Weare Culvert

Compton Bishop – On the A38 near Yeo Bridge

Shipham – On the A38 in Star near Broadway

The project to repair these protected mileposts is being carried out by the South West Heritage Trust on behalf of Somerset County Council, which has a statutory duty to maintain and repair listed assets on the highway.