Searchroom Copying

Archives A4 black and white photocopying 50p
Archives A3 black and white photocopying 75p
Archives A4 colour photocopying £1.50
Archives A3 colour photocopying £2
Colour A4 or A3 printing from public computers £1
Microfiche/microfilm A4 and A3 black and white printing 50p
Microfiche/microfilm A3 black and white printing 75p

Camera Licences (including printer/scanners)

Daily licence £6
Weekly licence £20
Monthly licence £40
Annual licence £90

Research Service

Private Research (per hour) £34
Commercial Research (per hour) £70
Certification of a copy £14
Minimum fee £8

Copies of Microfiche

Fiche £3.50 each
Order Charge £11
Postage and Packaging (UK) up to 50 fiche £4.70
Postage and Packaging (Overseas) up to 50 fiche £8.90

Certification of parish register entries

Baptism certificate £14

Archive Conservation

Private Archive Conservation (per hour) £55
Handling Demonstrations Session (Half Day) £70
Preservation Training Session (Half Day) £120
Preservation Training Session (Whole Day) £200
Conservation Studio Hire Price on Application
Visit to Assess Archive Collection Not For Deposit (per hour) £34

Outreach and Learning

Talks to Local County Groups On or Off site £50
Out of County Talks £70
Tours of Somerset Heritage Centre (maximum 15 people per group) £40
School/Group Learning Session (up to half day, maximum 15 people per group) £75
Group Learning Session (eg. paleography, full day, maximum 15 people per group) £125
Schools – Talks to Classes £60
Schools – Half day Palaeography Course (maximum 20 students) £50
Schools – Full day Palaeography Course (maximum 15 students) £90
Schools – In-service Training for Teachers £30
Schools – Tailor-made Archive Packs (Charged by the Time Taken to Prepare Them) £34 per hour
Schools – Photocopies of Documents Where the Documents References are Supplied (5 Sheets) £50p per sheet
Reminiscence Session £50

Permission to Publish

Fee for 1-5 items Fee for 6 or more items Notes
Administration fee £10 See note 1
Not for profit local publication £10 £7 See note 2
Commercial publication £50 £35 See note 3
Website: not for profit £10 £70 See note 4
Website: commercial £50 £35 See note 5
Exhibitions: local and temporary £10 £7 See note 6
Exhibitions: commercial or permanent £50 £35
TV: local or regional £40 £30 See note 7
TV: UK national programme £80 £70 See note 7
TV: worldwide and streaming £150 £125 See note 7
Filming Extensive filming POA, limited filming £60 per hour plus permissions cost per item filmed See note 8
  1. A minimum fee of £10 will be charged in all instances.  However, this will note be charged in addition to the specific fees per item.  For example, the charge for 1 item for a not for profit local publication will be £10 (not £20).
  2. Print run not to exceed 500.  Local means relating to a village or community.  Academic publications are counted as commercial publications even if they have a small print run.  Publication means either print or electronic.
  3. Includes academic journals.  Publication means either print or electronic.
  4. For example, local community organisations.  You will be asked to provide the site URL.
  5. Includes websites which charge a subscription fee for access to content.  You will be asked to provide the site URL.
  6. Local exhibitions which last less than one week will be free or charge.
  7. All TV permissions will include the right to show the programme on multiple occasions.
  8. Attendance fees are not applicable if the visit is as a result of a South West Heritage Trust press release.

Other Archives and Local Studies Charges

Attendance at Public Inquiries (per hour) £45