Bring the national curriculum to life with our interactive, fun and informative workshops.

Bring your group to our Museums in Taunton, Glastonbury or Bridgwater or we can visit your school.

FIlter workshops

Echoes of War

How did Somerset children support the war effort during the First World War?


Somerset's seasonal celebrations are revealed in this exciting and creative workshop

Marvellous Materials

Make the science of everyday materials come alive by investigating rural life in Somerset

Fun on the Farm

Find out about farming and food production in Somerset through time

Clay in Action

Bring local history to life with this hands-on workshop

Self-Guided Trails

Self-guided trails are an excellent way to explore our museums

The MonmouthRebellion

Learn about the lively local history of 17th Century Somerset in this rebellious re-enactment style workshop

Tudor Life

Find out what was life like for people in Tudor Somerset

Somerset Myths andLegends

Reveal Somerset's mythical past and create legendary clay creatures and stories

Roman Way

Real Roman objects inspire this exploration of Roman life in Somerset