Bring the national curriculum to life with our interactive, fun and informative workshops.

Bring your group to our Museums in Taunton, Glastonbury or Bridgwater or we can visit your school.

FIlter workshops

Great Fire of London

In 1666 the landscape of the City of London changed forever. Find out how people recorded and responded to the disaster

Echoes of War

How did Somerset children support the war effort during the First World War?


Somerset's seasonal celebrations are revealed in this exciting and creative workshop

Marvellous Materials

Make the science of everyday materials come alive by investigating rural life in Somerset

Fun on the Farm

Find out about farming and food production in Somerset through time

Self-Guided Trails

Self-guided trails are an excellent way to explore our museums

Roman Way

Real Roman objects inspire this exploration of Roman life in Somerset

Digging Deep in theBronze Age

Enjoy amateur archaelogical adventures with a Bronze Age theme

Dinosaur Dig

Discover the dino delights of the Museum of Somerset with our themed workshop

Victorian House andHomes

Experience everyday Victorian life, through object handling, cooking and crafts

Castle Explorers

Encouraging active imaginations through creative castle activities in a castle setting