Our interactive museum workshops at The Museum of Somerset in Taunton cover a variety of topics from Stone Age Somerset to Tudor Life.

The workshops are 90 minutes long unless otherwise stated and are suitable for up to 35 pupils.

Dinosaur Dig KS1/KS2

Unearth the world of fossils, bones and dinosaurs with this super science-based workshop. Take part in your very own palaeontological dig, explore prehistoric life in the Museum, decorate a fossil to take home and find out what Somerset was like millions of years ago.

Please note: this workshop is aimed at younger children but can be adapted for Key Stage 2.

Stone Age Somerset KS1/KS2

Travel back in time to Stone Age Somerset with this fascinating practical workshop. Explore ancient objects, animals and tools on a unique Museum tour led by a member of the team. Handle real Stone Age relics, try on Stone Age clothing, make your own artefacts and find out whether you’re smarter than Neolithic man!

Please note: this workshop can be combined with ‘Digging Deep in the Bronze Age’ for a full Prehistory Day experience.

Digging Deep in the Bronze Age KS1/KS2

Become an archaeologist during this action-packed workshop. Excavate and handle real Bronze Age objects, explore our museum collections and make your own Wick Barrow beaker using ancient methods.

Please note: this workshop can be combined with ‘Stone Age Somerset’ for a full Prehistory Day experience.

Roman Way KS1/KS2

Find out what the Romans did for us with this entertaining investigation. Discover how people lived and dressed in Roman Somerset, handle real Roman artefacts found in our county and try your hand at writing Roman-style.

Castle Explorers KS1/KS2

A fun-filled history investigation for younger children introducing concepts of chronology and defence. Learn about Taunton Castle and its fascinating history, explore fortresses through the ages, take part in crafts inspired by knights and castles, and dress up in courtly clothing.

Please note: this workshop is aimed at younger children but can be adapted for Key Stage 2.

Somerset Myths and Legends KS2

Discover mythical creatures and legendary tales that have been associated with Somerset for centuries. You will create the crazy ‘Hunky Punk’ creature and the Stogumber dragon’s eye. For a full day mythical experience you will investigate whether King Arthur was a myth or legend and explore the Museum to find ideas for your own Somerset myth or legend.

Now also available at the Somerset Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury

Saxon Somerset KS2

History comes alive with this brilliant interactive experience. Discover King Alfred and his defence of Wessex against the Vikings, become a Saxon warrior and take part in a fierce battle re-enactment. Learn how ordinary people lived, explore the Museum collections and make your very own Saxon-inspired objects.

Now also available at the Somerset Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury

Tudor Life KS2

What was life like for people in Tudor Somerset? This workshop will help you find out. Explore Tudor costumes and objects, learn to read and write like a Tudor, and visit our amazing almshouse where you’ll get hands-on with history.

Please note: the almshouse is not available during the winter months and alternative activities are put in place.

The Monmouth Rebellion KS2

An exciting workshop exploring Somerset’s rebellious past. Investigate objects and documents from our collections, create crafts inspired by historical events and explore the place where the Monmouth rebels spent their last night before execution.

Please note: we offer either a ninety-minute workshop or a whole-day experience. 

Many of our Museum workshops can be complemented by ordering related loans packs which will bring real and replica objects to your classroom.

Self-Guided Trail

We also offer the option of a self-guided visit to the Museum where pupils can explore the Museum’s main galleries and journey chronologically through the history of Somerset.

Self-guided trails can accompany a workshop to create a full day at the Museum or can be done independently. Please contact us to book.

Booking and Contact

To enquire about booking a workshop please complete our booking enquiry form.

Tel: 01823 347451
Email: learning@swheritage.org.uk