The South West in the Roman Period: contrasting identities either side of the Blackdown Hills

This talk will explore how the Roman landscape and society in Somerset was typical of most of lowland Britain, whereas to the west of the Blackdown and Quantock Hills communities appear to have become less ‘Romanised’ and instead retained more of their traditional practices.

About the Speaker

Professor Stephen Rippon is a Landscape Archaeologist with the University of Exeter. His interests are focused on the Roman and medieval periods in Britain and mainland North West Europe. His early work focused on the history of wetland reclamation. His current research is exploring the origin and development of regional variation in landscape character from the Roman period through to the present day. He also worked on the recent AHRC-funded ‘Exeter: A Place in Time’ project;  a collaboration that has written up four of the major excavations carried out in Exeter during the 1970s, and carried out programmes of modern scientific analysis on associated artefacts.

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Header image: The Roman figurine of Capricorn

Dates and locations

  • Thursday, 4th March 2021, 7:30 - 8:30