What can we do to help save the bees, and why should we be listening to what the bees have to teach us? These are questions that Paula addresses in a light and humorous way, inspiring hope and change in a world that can seem overwhelming with environmental crisis.

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Since recovering from being wheelchair and bed bound for 7 years with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Paula has been working with bees. As a writer, honey sommelier and a bee consultant, her work has taken her around the globe where she is on a quest to find where the bees are healthy. By questioning beekeeping and agricultural practices, parallels can be drawn between what is harming the bees, and Paula believes the same conditions are also harming humans.

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Paula has two books published: ‘Artist to Bees’ and ‘A Quest for bees in Bhutan’. She writes regularly for ’The Sherborne Times’ and the Gardening app ‘Candide’. As well as managing the Bees at The Newt in Somerset, she and her ‘Bee Team’ run regular Bee Safaris and workshops. Paula’s work has taken her to South Africa, Oman, Bhutan, USA, Canada and the Cocos Keeling Islands.


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