Landscapes of the mind: The Art of Tristram Hillier

This digital exhibition was created following a major retrospective at The Museum of Somerset, which brought together the largest collection of Hillier’s paintings to have been seen in more than thirty years.

Contains an image: A sandy beach is shown against a bright but cloudy sky. Between the sand and the sky is a thin strip of deep blue sea. A capsized piece of furniture lies on the sand. A wheel leans against its side and there is a pink cloth draped over. Behind is another piece of pink draped cloth, a boat and a white beach hut. In the foreground there is a large black anchor.

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The Second World War marked a traumatic turning-point in Tristram Hillier’s life and career

Contains an image: A black sculptural mass of intertwining three-dimensional lines and circles is situated on a sandy beach. It is attached to a large black anchor by a thin rope which is looped through the holes of the sculpture. At the end of the rope is a red flag blowing in the wind. In the background is a ruined grey tower. There is a thin strip of deep blue sea behind the sculpture, below a blue sky with wispy white clouds.

A Home in Somerset

For forty years Somerset was Tristram Hillier’s home and an inspiration for his painting

Contains an image: Three milk churns stand on the left of a road which leads to two men quarreling. One holds what could be a stick or a gun, the other leans on a pitch fork. Behind the churns is part of a roughly made fence with peeling posters, and a pile of loose stones. Agricultural buildings in the background, including a red brick farmhouse and grey stoned barns, indicate we are on farming land.

Making a Living

Tristram Hillier worked on commissions throughout his career In the 1930s Hillier created several paintings…

Contains an image: A sandy beach is dominated by a large vibrant yellow shipping propellor and water wheel. In the foreground is a large piece of draped brown material and a curving rope. Overlooking the scene is a traditional white, grey and black lighthouse with a brown front tour. A grey stone wall rises to the right with a smaller shipping propellor on top. Oars lean against the wall. In the background a traditional sailing boat travels across a choppy sea.

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